Welcome to Schaeffer

150 years of dedication and tradition – on our homepage we give you an insight of our elegant premium shirts. Learn more about the special quality and design, which signify our excellent business and formal shirts. Schaeffer shirts are unique and high-class. Far from average, you won’t find shirts with a common kent-collar. Our shirts are fitted with elegant cutaway, tab, eton or pin collar.  


Founded in 1867 by Hermann Schaeffer and Heinrich Vogel, Schaeffer shirts soon became popular in 19th century Germany. Based in Bielefeld, a town known for its history with fabrics, production unfolded and grew. Since then it is our philosophy to manufacture high-class premium shirts with style.

We can look back on 150 years of tradition – only with excellent quality, the highest demands to ourselves, our manufacturing and a sense for style, we were able to succeed and stay in business. We honor our tradition. That means performing at the highest level: carefully selecting style and fabric, high-quality seams and fine packaging of the product.


Our elegant collection gives a worthy tribute to our history and connects  1867 and today. We only use the finest fabrics, the best manufacturing and carefully selected collars – combined with modern colors and cuts. Schaeffer shirts provide you with a classic, dynamic look. Lasting throughout a stressful day, you can rely on our Schaeffer shirts.


The shirts from our collection are made of a fine poplin fabric, 100% soft cotton and naturally easy care. We specially care about the touch of the fabric. If you put on a Schaeffer shirt, you feel comfortable. Our shirts feature elegant double cuffs and button trimmings. All buttons are sewn to a handle – for a particularly comfortable buttoning – and permanently heat-set using the so-called Ascolite process. All seams are made with at least 7 stitches per centimeter. The high number of stitches gives the seams not only a fine appearance, it also ensures a better grip and longevity of the seams. The side and sleeve seams have been made as a lap seam and are therefore particularly tear-resistant.


Classic Collar – Modern Cuts

We have reissued some of Schaeffer’s most elegant 150-year collars. Together with our modern cuts, our Schaeffer shirts give you a classic, high-quality look – suitable for today.

We offer our customers the cuts Modern Cut and Slim Fit, as well as the collar shapes Piccadilly, Tab, Eton and Haifisch – available in white, light blue and blue with white stripes.

You can order our collection online: www.schaeffer-hemden.de – here you will find our entire range.