Fine, elegant collars are the hallmark of Schaeffer. Our shirts are optionally equipped with Piccadilly/Pin, Tab, Eton or Haifisch/Cutaway collar. More information about the collar can be found here:

Eleganter Piccadilly Kragen für den modernen Gentleman

This highly elegant collar has many names in the fashion world. Often the Piccadilly collar is also referred to as a needle collar or pin collar. It is worn both in the office and on solemn occasions. By the collar needle, the tie knot is highlighted and moved into position. The needle has an embellished threaded head at each end for easy fitting under the tie. The Piccadilly collar or the tab-collar version must be worn with a tie. The Piccadilly collar is just making a comeback here, while the collar in England and America has become very popular and featured in numerous films and series.

Eleganter Tab-Kragen für hochwertige Herrenhemden

Any man who cares about a well-groomed appearance will not pass a tab-collar shirt. The finely integrated loops hold the collar under the tie together and give it an elegant and well-shaped appearance. Our Schaeffer shirts with tab collar are provided with high-quality, button-down loops; We do not like cheap press buttons.

Moderner Eton Kragen

Our exclusive Eton collar is a tribute to the collars of the twenties and thirties. The idea of ​​our Eton collar sprang from one of our catalogs from 1929. The round collar tips give the collar an elegant look. Thanks to the spread and length of the collar thighs, this shirt can be worn both with and without a tie.

Schaeffer Oberhemd mit Hai-Kragen

Schaeffer men’s shirts with cutaway collar or Haifisch collar  (German for shark) are elegant and modern at the same time. The wide spread of the collar legs gives the impression of width and open-mindedness. The shark collar is ideal for wider tie knots, but can also be worn open.