The most beautiful, elegant shirt will not benefit the owner if it is not sitting properly, even if the fabric is still so pleasant on the skin. So that our customers can find exactly the shirt that suits them, we have Schaeffer shirts in the modern styles Slim Fit and Modern Cut on offer, as well as the white Piccadilly shirts in addition to the classic Regular cut.

Schaeffer Slim Fit Schnitt Herrenhemden

Schaeffer Slim Fit shirts are tailored, with a little more length on the arms and back. This smart cut is slim and sporty, but still offers space in the right places without being too tight. Schaeffer Slim Fit shirts have 2 darts on the back.


Schaeffer Modern Cut Schnitt für Herrenhemden

Schaeffer Modern Cut shirts are elegantly cut, with a subtle waist-line. The sophisticated cut provides these shirts with enough space, for example to conceal a small tummy without appearing unchivalrous.